The Young Gods on Sazavafest

The Young Gods is a Swiss Industrial music band. The band’s lineup has generally consisted of a vocalist, a sampler operator and a drummer. Their instrumentation often includes sampled electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and other samples. The lyrics are a mix of English, French and a bit of German. Their most notable hits are: “Did You Miss Me?”, “Envoyé!”, “Skinflowers”, and “Kissing the Sun”.

Their newest album Knock On Wood was born from a moment the trio was invited to play some special concerts and to perform their own repertoire in an acoustic set-up for the very first time, the band was so delighted with the outcome, that they decided to record these acoustic versions in studio

They like it here in the Czech Republic, and so it is no wonder they are going to appear on Sazavafest festival. If you want to go, they play there on Saturday.