The Skatalites at O2 Sazava Fest

Another group making their appearance on Sazava Fest is The Skatalites. The music group from Jamaica, that defined the original sound of ska and accompanied all the important Jamaican artists including Bob Marley, returns to the Czech Republic gain. Even when there are in the present formation only two original members present, they can still create unique atmosphere.

Consisting of some of the best musicians in Jamaica, they played together initially between 1963 and 1965 but recorded many of their best known songs in the period including “Guns of Navarone” as well as playing on records by Prince Buster and many other Jamaican artists who recorded during the period. They reformed in 1986 and have played together ever since.

Place: Sazava Fest
When: Saturady 2nd August 2008
Festival Tickets: 550.- czk for one day