Czech EU Chairmanship comes nearer

The Congress centre in Prague is to become a sturdy fortress for half a year. The top European politics are going to sit there, as the Czech Republic is the EU Chairman of 2009.

The way around Palac Kultury/Congress centre will be partially limited; there will be a distinguished security line for VIPs close to the Congress Centre, and there will be special police units simply everywhere.

Limousines of the politicians are going to be parked under the building, so probably there will be some limitations of the parking places for the others as well.

There were bigger events, like IMF meeting, however this one is undoubtedly the longest one. Total length of Czech EU Chairmanship with preparations of about 8 months will definitely be the longest one and certainly a very expensive event, but the managers of the Congress centre claim it is worth it for them – at least people will know about the building.