Prices of Everything in CR getting Higher than the Western World Average

Do you remember the times, when tourists came to Prague, spending only half of their budget, laughing; “Everything is soo cheap in Prague!” well, that times are gone. Now, it would be “You pay how much for that?! Well, that IS expensive.” Pricing of everything with combination of weakening dollar and Czech crown strengthening makes shopping more expensive for foreigners, at the same time, very low average salaries and pricing makes shopping expensive for Czechs as well.

When we found out, Skoda cars that are made in the Czech Republic are more expensive inland than abroad, it was clear there is something rotten. But it is not the only case – even the famous Czech beer is cheaper in Germany than in the Czech Republic, the biggest difference is in the area of foods. Things as butter are more expensive here than the rest of Europe by far. The famous Big Mac index demonstrates that meanwhile the burger is slightly more expensive here, an average USA worker at Mac Donald’s gets three time more money in salaries.


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