Growing Interest in Industrial Sights – Prague builds modern Industrial Museums

Masarykovo Nadrazi in Prague is being repaired, and the train depo from 19th century is being turned into a Railway museum. It is another confirmation of the new trend: interest in historic industrial, factories, railway stations, manufactures and service stations. The raw remains of human work since the industrial revolution up to recent past are in focus of the conservationists, who try to open it up to as many people as possible. In Prague itself, there are two famous industrial buildings – Vodarenske museum (The Water-House Museum) in Podoli or Cistirna vod (Water Cleaning facility) in Bubenec.

There are going to be for example valuable steam locomotives, the oldest diesel and electrical locomotives or so called saloon-caches. One of these was used by e.g. Edvard Benes or Franz Ferdinand. “We want an interactive project, where the visitors could test out the individual trains in business.” The museum director explains. The Masarykovo nadrazi museum is to be opened in 2014.