Petr Cech – Goalkeeper Gains Royal Salary of 90 000 £ Weekly

The Czech Goalkeeper Petr Cech came to London Chelsea in the summer of 2004 from French Rennes. If he sticks to the present contract, he is going to play for Chelsea for nine years.

Czech stated on his webpage that prolonging of his contract is a great honour and also an appreciation of his work for Chelsea so far. He continues that Chelsea was close to his heart from the beginning, because of “my team-mates, people, who work in the club, and of course great fans” Czech explains, why he didn’t hesitate with signing the contract.

Great pleasure from prolonging the contract was on the side of Chelsea trainer as well. He also stated for BBC that Petr Cech is the best goalkeeper in the world. 90 000 £ weekly for the Czech football representative with the contract until 2010 seals he is going to stay at Chelsea.