Czech Republic Currency – Goodbye Haler

When I was 7 years old in 1989, the price of one roll was 20 halers. Times have changed, we don’t even use 20 haler coins anymore, only 50 halers, and one roll costs 2 czk and 50 halers. At the time when petty Euro cents are doubted if necessary, Czech representatives see it clearly – halers do not undertake the function of a payment means anymore, and so, they are going to the history.

The end of halers is going to be a historical event – halers have been with us for 116 years, as the first one was stamped in 1892, during the region of Franz Josef. How are we gong to do without? The prices are still going to be stated with halers, but the final payment will be half adjusted. For some time. Surely, in the near future, the prices will be increased once again, so prices rising could continue freely.

The day when halers move into history is 1st September 2008.

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