Masarykovo nadrazi – 19th century railway station in Prague planned changes

Prague doesn’t consider Masarykovo nadrazi as a railway station anymore, instead, the representatives would like to see a new residential city centre there. They have agreed on a new ground plan, which counts with the track removal and replacement with residential quarters. The final word is going to come in September.

The representative Langmajer prefers flats prior to dead zones with administrative zones. Of course, the old 19th century industrial complex of Masarykovo nadrazi station will remain on its place, it is not only a beautiful, but also protected building.

Masarykovo nadrazi is not going to serve for trains anymore. All the trains are, according to Langmajer, going co continue to the Main train station Hlavni nadrazi, which is being renewed right now. The main reason is, Masarykovo nadrazi is a spur track, the locomotives have to swap before leaving the station. The building will probably become an Industrial Revolution museum.


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