Amnesty International to Topolanek: Talk about human rights in China

Mirek Topolanek, the Czech PM is going to fly to China on Wednesday. He has’t commented on it yet, as he is on vacation, but he probably will – Amnesty International Organization have appealed to him to talk about human rights conditions and freedom of speech in China. The AI has also delivered him the petition, signed by more than 9000, demanding freedom of speech in China.

Topolanek is supposed to fly to Peking on next Wednesday, as he doesn’t want to participate on the ceremonial opening. He is going to stay for about three days. That he changed his mind and goes to the Olympics was announced in the half of July, he decided to go after all on behalf of the Czech Olympic committee, he refused the China invitation.

China embassy already hates him, because he had a little Tibetan flag on his suit when announcing his visit to Peking. The AI deputy Dasa van der Horst commented: “We have watched Topolanek criticizing May China intervention in Tibet with delight. But in order his words would matter, they must be pronounced in China, out loud.”


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