Prague Celtic History remains Route

At the South periphery of Prague is a territory, which could have been, instead of the Prague Castle, the centre of our capital city, and so, of the Czech country. At both the banks of Breznansky potok there once was an extensive Celtic oppidum, which is introduced to you by the educational footpath.

The fortified Celtic settlements, known as oppidums, were extensive centres of business, territory management and spiritual sphere, something like capital city of the whole tribal territory. Oppidum among Tocna and Dolejsi Breznany originates in sixth century BC. And it was placed on who hills above the Vrezanske udoli. The southern part, located outside the capital city border is called Zaviost, the northern one, the one in Prague, is called Sance. Both parts were connected by a continuous line of fortifications long cca nine kilometres and the total area of the oppidum is 170 hectares. Continue reading

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