Sigur Rós in Prague

Sigur Rós, with Björk the most renown island musicians, are going to perform in Prague HC Sparta stadium on 19th August. It is their second concert in the country, and at definitely larger venue than the last one.

Melancholic music of this very specific group avoid traditional rock arranges and find inspiration in traditional sorrowful ballads of Island, and also by seductive magic of sorrowful north moods.

Music of Sigur Rós speaks about passing nature of the life on Island, of its countryside. They are able to get mighty as a storm, to sound uncannily but also to heal, like fresh snow put on wounds.

During their 15 years of existence, they haven’t considered playing other than ‘weird’ music, so ungraspable, far from commerce.

Tickets 690 – 990 czk, Ticketpro, Ticketportal. Venue: HC Sparta Prague