Controversial Olympic Games Start

The Olympic Games in Peking start today. The games are controversial especially because human rights abuse in communist China.

It is not merely a question of Tibet or do not allowing freedom of speech. Peking has problems with living environment, the sportsmen are afraid of smog, suffocating the city. The organizers of course claim there won’t be any serious flaw.

Some claimed the OG could change China, now it seems it will be the opposite. China wants to demonstrate its power to the world, using the OG. The ceremony is going to be a massive event by itself – the famous China director Yimou Zhang (Hero) spend by preparations of the ceremony three years, 15 thousand participants should appear on the stage.

There is going to be the traditional defile of all the groups, the Czech one is going to be the 162th in line. The Czech Republic sends 73 sportsmen as Representatives, the flag is carried by the kayakist Stepanka Hilgertova. The ceremony is sold out, it is going to be watched by audience of 90 thousands. CT2 broadcasts the ceremony live at 14:00, from the record in 21:00.

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