Letna – dancing, trapeze-flying

If the idea of circo nuevo or new circus speaks to you, there is nothing to worry, you can just come. No caged animals, no tigers jumping through fire, just people making the most unbelievable tricks look easy-peasy.

All those who like modern acrobacy, theatre or juggling are welcome to come at the Letni Letna festival (Summer Letna festival) The main theme of this year season is ‘being in the air’. To participate have promised over 30 theatres with 90 performances.

The star of the first week is the French company Cie Moglice – Von Verx with their I look up, I look down. Two graduates of the French circus school are going to show acrobacy and dance on a four-metre tall iron blockstone, on one of its sloping sides, respectively.

Last year attracted about 16 thousands visitors to this Letna park festival, expectations for this years are similar. For those who come there is a bar and café prepared, there are painting and juggling workshops for kids.

Letni Letna: 21st August till 3rd September