Prague prepares for its first festival of graffiti and street art

Graffiti is a form of street art, it appeared 30 years ago; later, stickers and stencils came to carry on the legacy, still – graffiti is the most wide-spread street art form.

Names Fest focuses on legality, graffiti is going to be presented as a form of creative art, not from the side of an adrenaline sport. A few legally rented walls are waiting to introduce Czech and foreign authors and their art.

There are going to be presentations of famous international art pieces and cult movies. The artists, who left an imprint on walls of many cities are welcomed to introduce themselves.

Names Fest takes place since 26th August to 6th September in Trafacka gallery and around the famous movie theatre Aero. The festival culminates by the contest of the best artpiece, and continues by an exhibition in Trafacka until the end of October.

A bonus of this exhibition is an auction of graffiti created on canvas.



  1. G.DA BOSS said, Aug 27, 05:48 PM #

    we really need to participate in this festival