This Saturday is day of Czech Neo-Nazis, German Neo-nazis on increase again

If we look back to May of this year, I bet some remember the civic disorder in Hamburg, where about six thousand people went to the streets to protest against the proceeding march of about 1500 neo-nazis form NPD. About sixty people were injured, together with twenty policemen.

There may be the possibility that there is something similar going to take place this Saturday. Lidove Noviny informed that Czech Neo-nazis plan ‘the biggest event in Czech history’ on 16th August 2008. The event, called by the right-wing radicals ‘Freedom day’ should be bigger than first-may communist celebrations. The meeting place is not yet known, however it should be somewhere in eastern Bohemia.

The Neo-nazis were quite overpowered at their last march, however thanks to it they gained publicity they dreamed of and quite possibly a lot of new followers. this weekend is very probably going to be a violent one.