Baby Cheetahs in Prague Zoo

Like the last year, the year 2008 means joy for Prague Zoo cheetah department. This time there is four cubs – 1male and 3 females. Last year, there was 5 of them, which meant first success after long ten years of waiting. This year’s cubs are the proof, that the cheetah couple is well matched, and so the concept work of Fejk’s team harvest the fruits of their endeavour.

Little cheetahs were born on 29th July. The mother Wazima, born in Holland Wassenaar in 2003 takes exemplary care of them, the father is Eddie, born in 2004 in JAR. The cubs are now hidden in their lair, waiting to grow up a little before they show up. Prague zoo is the 7th best zoo in the world, the animals feel very comfortable.