Bothering Prague Street Advertisements

Almost everyone who walked the centre of Prague have met someone who offered him/her some ad leaflets for all kinds of stuff. In the recent past, the main points for leaflet distributors were Wenceslas square (at the place was typical the ‘erotic club’ kind of leaflets) for and Old Town Square (leaflets mostly for opera). Since 2005, when free street advertising was banned, the number of dealers dropped, but they definitely haven’t disappeared.

What most of tourists in Prague remember is the white limousine ‘Darling Cabaret’ which, with its red sign, informs about the luxurious night club. The city litigates with the owner, however it hasn’t been going very well for the past few years, so the limo is probably going to stay. Even when the owner can get a few thousands czk fine eventually, it is too little an amount for him.


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