Spend the Haler Coins, While You Can

The smallest coin used in the Czech Republic is 50 haler. Until the end of August 2008. If you take a look into your wallet and find any of these, you can, and should spend them until September, as they are valid mean of payment for the last 18 days.

The Czech National Bank expects only 15-20% of the 50 halers coins to return. Most of the change people simply lost, some, they keep as a relic. Anyway, after 31st August, those coins are going to become about 410 tons of aluminium. That will officialy mean the end of haler in Czech currency. Logically, some 50 haler coins return later, they can be returned into any bank in the CR.

The paper 20 czk banknote also ends, but that is no news – there is so little number of them nowadays – I had the last one about three years ago.

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