Prague Town Council Supports Tibet

Anyone, who would walk the Jungmanova ulice street nowadays, would see the Tibetan flag, hanging from Skodova palac. It was hung there by the Prague Town Council, to express their support of Tibet occupied by China. The reason, why the flag appeared in this time, is naturally the Olympic Games in Peking.

MF Dnes asked the Prague Mayor Bem, who answered by his favorite means; the sms message: “It is no boycott of the Olympics, it is only confirmation of the long-term attitude of the Capital of the Czech Republic to the situation in Tibet and its genocide.”

It is not first time, when politic elites of the Czech Republic expressed their support of Tibet – last time the flag hung from a window of the Green Party.



  1. veracity said, Aug 15, 01:59 AM #

    There is an urgent need to speak up and stop the massacre and oppression in Tibet now.
    Please take a read of this account of what is going on now, during he Olympics:
    View here linktext