UNESCO: Prague shouldn't build skyscrapers taller 70m

The skyscrapers planned for Pankrac district in Prague have a problem; According to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee the buildings must be lowered, otherwise they would damage one of Europe’s best preserved historical city panoramas.

UNESCO set the limit for the new buildings at 60 to 70 metres, but according to the current plans, the ‘V’ shaped twin building reaches 100metres, by which it would became the highest skyscraper in Prague.

The initiator who called in UNESCO was the Arnika association, who have been criticising the height of such tall buildings on Pankrac for many years, but neither the local Town Hall, nor the Culture Ministry reacted. Then, they turned to UNESCO. Its officials came to inspect the situation in Prague, with the result – if the buildings exceed 70 metres, UNESCO quite probably cuts Prague out of their list.