Pankrac Skyscrapers are going to be there

Not even the recommendation of UNESCO is going to change the plans of the future highest building in Prague, MF Dnes informed. β€œIn the case of both buildings, the verdict of Ministry of Culture from the last years speaks clearly- it supports the Prague Town Council, which licenses the building.”

Monuments preservation in Prague was on program of the recent UNESCO conference in Quebec, the result – it shouldn’t be build larger than 60-70 metres. The plans, however, counts with the higher twin having 104 metres.

The Arnika association, protesting against the planned post-modern dominant was quite ignored by Czech offices, so they have chosen to contact UNESCO. They decided in their favor, however the ECM company who builds it have the contract for the area, and also, they have already sold 150 flats in advance.

The situation reminds of the case of the Blob library, but this time, the protester is not the president, so the V twins are probably going to be build as planned.