Neo-nazi March in Hradec Kralove of this Saturday

About 300 people came to participate on the Delnicka Strana meeting (Worker’s party) in Hradec Kralove. Even when the rally got prohibited eventually, despite heavy rain, they arrived to demonstrate the right-wing extremism is experiencing increase in popularity.

The right-wing extremists originally wanted to meet in a summer cinema to hear a concert of extreme bands such as Brutal Attacks, the town hall, however, withdrew from the lease contract on Friday. The members of the motion decided to simply gather in the city.

In its programme, the DS proposes the abolition of all support to immigrants and a ban on homosexual marriages. It also wants to introduce the determination of the nationality of inhabitants and its confirmation in the birth certificate and ID. It demands that the Czech Republic withdraw from NATO and the EU.

In the end, they only got ridiculous 5 000 czk fine for unlawful assembly, and free publicity. It is clear we need some new law controlling radicals, because in the context when you can get up to 30 000 czk fine for spitting out a chewing gum in Prague is a five thousand fine for an uncharted neo-nazi meeting a joke.