Prague Ruzyne Airport Grows Bigger

The new landing runway should help the overwhelmed Prague Ruzyne Airport to better manage increasing number of flights. During the rush hour, there is up to 44 machines touching down, in two years it is estimated at 48.

If an airplane misses its start, it often has to wait up to two hours, before it gets a possibility to take off. Ruzyne is among 30 the biggest airports in Europe. Every year brings increase in numbers of passengers, in 2007, more than 12 millions of passengers were checked out.

Apart from increasing the capacity, security should be increased as well, as the subsidiary track, heading to populated area should no longer be used. Also, thanks to faster dispatching, the planes aren’t going to wait long during the rush hours, so emissions will be lowered. If there will be no complications, the runway will be ready in 2014.

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