The Emmons Family offered their story to Hollywood

The incredible story with a sorrowful ending, which experienced Katerina and Matt Emmons on the Olympics is now possible to be bought and filmed. First, happiness after Katerina gained two medals, than a shock and deja vu feeling. Newspapers first wrote about their lovestory, than about their story of sadness. Two completely different approaches during a few days.

Four years ago, Emmons sit at the commentor’s post and witnessed Matt hitting the other target on he left in the last shoot of 3×40, which meant he lost certain gold. At that time, they probably fell in love. Four years later in Peking she sit again on the commentator’s post and watched Matt, this time her husband, in the moment he hit his target though, but completely out of the middle, to the 4,4 mark, by which he lost certain gold again.

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