This Thursday is the USSR Occupation Anniversary

The notorious occupation, which pushed our development 20 years backwards and destroyed countless lives has its sad anniversary this Thursday 21st August. The day will be recommended within the 1968 Invasion Open-Air Exhibition at the Wenceslas Square – there is even an ancient USSR army tank prepared. What is it going to do? To drive to the Wenceslas Square, where it is to symbolically shoot at the building of the National Museum.

There is going to be a lot of other events, like the motion Auto*Mat bicycle ride through the city. They want to remind the courage of Prague citizens, who, 40 years ago, went to the streets to protest against the Warsaw pact forces (the picture by Koudelka above shows one demonstrator even riding on the tank). The path of the cyclo ride goes through places, “…where the Soviet occupants killed innocent civilians” said the organizer Michal Krivohlavek. They start from Jiriho z Podebrad at 6 pm.