Blue Mauritius coming to Prague

The most famous stamp among the general public comes to Prague to be the cherry on the cake of the exposition of British Queen’s collection on the world exhibition Praga 2008. Collections from 61 countries is protected by 1 billion czk policy.

Besides the Blue Mauritius, which price is, according to the organizers, incalculable, there will be other stamps from the ‘first league’ of the most valuable ones of the world. The other very valuable stamp from the Queen’s collection is the black one-penny stamp with the portrait of Queen Victoria. The piece was the first stick-on stamp in the world back n 1840.

The Exhibition also brings very special Czech stamps to our eyes – a block of Blue Merkur from the first half of the 19th century. The block leaves its safe-deposit only rarely. Merkur is the first newspaper stamp of the world – it served only for newspaper as a postal cover for delivery, it wasn’t possible to use for other postal services.

The exhibition takes place 12-14 September 2008 in the Industrial Palace of the Prague Exhibition ground. The exhibition is expected to take place with high interest of the public, as the last year volume was attended by 65 thousands.