Czech Butterfly Paradise? Prague. Really!

Grayling in Prague.. According to Czech Etymologists, most of the 141 species of day butterflies, who range in the Czech Republic, live in the capital or its close surroundings. And some species, like Eastern Baton Blue or Grayling even have their last hopeful populations.

The explanation of Entomologists is the capital city of Prague lies on a very diverse geological and geographical territory; β€œIn Prague, a uniquely rich biotope concentrates, thus it is logical, that the world of insects comes in many varieties.”

High number of butterfly species on the area of Prague the Etymologist explain there are enclaves of almost untouched areas, like Divoka Sarka or Sance. The capital has another advantage – a low interest of farmers for cultivation. The soil is not than polluted by pesticides or other chemicals. Source: LN

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