Czech Government Supports Georgia Despite of Klaus

Klaus is not liable for the matter, we decide our foreign policy and we know Russia is guilty for the conflict, and that is the official stance. Such can be the explanation of Mirek Topolanek’s reaction on the words of Vaclav Klaus about South Ossetia and Abchasia.

Vaclav Klaus clearly stands at the Russian side of the conflict, since he wrote to MF Dnes: “responsibility for provoking the conflict lies on Georgia president, parliament and government is unexceptionable and fatal” That is where ‘his’ ODS headed by Topolanek disagree: “My opinion is, Saakasvili let himself be provoked by Russians by a prepared action.”

The Czech government is unified we need to help Georgia. The foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg plans to propose we should set 150 millions czk apart for Georgia, e.g. for renewal of destroyed infrastructure. It is possible the Czech Republic will send some peace forces there.


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