Fairtrade Grows in the Czech Republic. Slowly.

The perception what is ‘normal’ changes slowly here, but one thing is obvious – ‘normal’ shopping includes much more bio food nowadays, and Czechs are finding their way to Fairtrade products as well. Fairtrade means products not only form Africa, but also Southern America and South-east Asia. Food producers can, thanks to it, get to markets of the advanced countries.

In 2006, Czechs spend about 10 millions czk on Fairtrade products, a year later in 2007 it was 25 millions already. Compared to Britain, where the complete sales reached 15,25 billions czk, it is nothing, but still it is an improvement. From the bigger chain shops only Marks & Spencer and DM drug-stores sell it here, Tesco CR prepare first fair-trade products to be sold this October.

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