The Best Circus in Prague Starts today

The Prague festival Letni Letna feels like a poor relation on the first glance, with its hard wooden benches in a circus tent. None the less, it promises performances of great value, it has one of the most interesting theatre programme from the whole summer. Letni Letna starts today in Letna park and continues until 2nd September.

The festival specializes to the Circo nuevo, i.e. the kind of circuss who put drilled animals off the stage and returned with brilliant shows of acrobats, theatre poetry and magic. Letni Letna have already brought some top artists of the genre, last year it was Johann Le Guillerm with his Ici Cirque. Acrobats are accompanied by performances for children and street-theatre performances.

Letni Letna – 20th August – 2nd September 2008 @ Prague Letna