Barack Obama Video About August 1968 Czechoslovakia and Present Georgia

Barack Obama made the video about Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic respectively, as a reaction to recent Russian actions in Georgia. “ Forty years ago, Soviet tanks invaded Czechoslovakia to crush a brief experiment in liberty.” Things that happened in 1968 Obama labelled as “Dark days of 20th century”. Similar situations must be stopped..: “Because what happened to Czechs and Slovaks must not repeat”

Obama pointed out the USA didn’t help the occupied Czechoslovakia. But forty years later, they helped the Easter European countries “…to build the principles of democracy, to stand on their feet and find security within NATO”

“Those dark days of Cold war must not return. Georgia and all the nations of Europe must have the right to live freely and securely within their borders. The right that was so severely denied to Czechs and Slovaks in 1968.”