Czech Government gave millions to Georgia, Disapproves with Russian Invasion

It was officially proclaimed yesterday, the Czech Government stands at the side of Georgia, which is still being occupied by Russian militia. They also agreed to give there 150 millions czk for renewing destroyed infrastructure. The Prime Minister Topolanek cited the declaration: “The Czech republic supports independendence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia including Southern Ossetia and Abchazia. The continuing Russian invasion to Georgia is unacceptable.”

The ongoing argument among the government and Vaclav Klaus, who declared Georgia is officially guilty from the conflict. Mirek Topolanek continues: “The official position of the Czech State is the the position of the Czech Government. It is true the president represents the country outside, but in this matter he doesn’t have support of the parliament.” Klaus still stands on the side of Russia and commented: “If the government would stay one-sided in this conflict, it would be sad and piteous.”