Cerny Returned Pink Tank to Prague

The original David Cerny Pink Tank The Pink tank appeared again at Prague Smichov. It was made in 90’s by the sculpturer David Cerny, by painting the Russian occupation tank pink. This time, only a torso of the tank appeared. It is pink, and it also have the white occupation stripe. By the stripe, Cerny expresses his attitude to the present Russian behavior.

“With regard to what Russia does today, I saw this as a possibility, how to alert people about it.”

After peripheries with the original tank, which is now listed as a cultural heritage and protected, Cerny wanted to get permission for at least placing a torso of some other Russian pink tank, but that was rejected by the politicians as well. So he decided to make a little remake of what they did 17 years ago, found a sponsor for it, and placed the torso there illegally using rented hydraulic level-jack.

Among the greatest pieces of the Czech sculpturer – beside the pink tank – are the black babies, crawling up the Zizkov tower.