Czech Barbora Spotakova won the Olympic Games women's javelin gold

BarboraSpotakova Barbora Spotakova won the javelin gold by the fantastic last try with 71.42 metres , by which she beaten her Russian opponent Maria Abakumova with 70.78m, while Germany’s Christina Obergfoll took the bronze with a best of 66.13m.

The toss was even more great, that by it she has beaten the Russian athlete on 21th August: “It’s extra sweet this win because it is the 40th anniversary to the day of the Russian invasion in 1968.” Spotkova commented.

In one moment she was second, and not very few people believed that is going to change. Than the Czech javeliner went for her last try; “I was like in a trance. I don’t recall anything.” she says. The javelin she threw flew almost to the line showing the world record. The bird nest exploded. She improved the European record. “That was a miracle, like if I didn’t threw it at all” she told with tears in her eyes. That is the third gold medal Czechs gained at the Olympics.

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