40 years ago, 7 people Demonstrated in Moscow Against Occupation

Those demonstrating in 1968 Prague against USSR occupation would never expect any of the Russians would join them, the least directly at the Red Square. Back in those days, they lifted banners like ‘Shame to Occupants’, ‘For Your and Our Freedom’ or ‘Hands off Czechoslovakia’ back then, the very well educated group was brutally attacked by the police and mob, and after that, years of severe punishments in prisons and psychiatric institutions awaited them. When they were released, they mostly emigrated.

The Magnificent Seven, that came into many minds after the demonstration. A clear risk of life in the middle of the camp of injustice, that came into minds of the others. Is something similar going to take place on the Red Square of today for support of Georgia, are there still people willing to throw away their lives in order to speak the truth and stand behind freedom and human rights in the country that has always defined its greatness in military terms?


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