DIE HAPPY in Prague concert

The one, only and exclusive concert of the popular German rock band for the Czech Republic where they present their new album “VI” takes place in Prague Rock Café.

Die Happy is a German-based rock/pop/alternative band from Ulm. The group was founded in 1993 by the Czech singer Marta Jandova and Thorsten Mewes. Even though the band is based in Germany, their songs are written and performed almost exclusively in English.

Die Happy is one of the most hard-working bands, since they made more than 850 concerts since 2001, they also made 5 studio albums, an unplugged CD and two DVDs. The songs „The Ordinary Song“ or „Wanna Be Your Girl“ were often played in Czech radio ether.

18th October 2008 in Prague, Rock Café at Narodni Trida. The only concert in the CR.