Tip for your day – Letni Letna Festival in Prague

You can find out that circus is not only about animals and clowns. The only thing you need to do is to arrive to Prague Letna festival Letni Letna, pay for a ticket varying from 60 (children performance) to 490 (the most expensive one for adults) and let yourself be amused. You won’t make a mistake by coming to one of the earlier performances with you children – the hours around lunch to early evening look like a meeting of kids of about 5 years old.

If we choose from the today’s programme, there is 11:00 Divadélko Romaneto – Pohádka z Krkonos (The Fairy-tale from Krkonose), 14:00 Václav Strasser – Duhové bubliny a jiné klauniády (Rainbow bubbles and other clowncraft), 15:30 Buchty a loutky – Zabak Valentyn (Frog Valentine), 19:00 Buchty a loutky – BARYK – Dog on the Road.

Evenings usually bring more artistic/serious/amazing/dangerous performances, today it is 21:00 Divadlo VOSTO5 – Špialová ruka (Dirple Hand). One of the most favorite group is Decalanges, a Czech-French team in the performance called Posedlost (Obsession) – a combination of theatre, dance and aerial acrobacy.

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