Zizkov Tower Babies going to Kampa

Giant babies crawling up the Zizkov Tower are going to appear in the centre of Prague as well. Three statues of crawling infants with a ventilation shaft instead of a face should decorate Kampa Park. The idea came from Museum Kampa, that stands close-by in Sovovy Mlyny.

The massive babies (every one of them is about 800kg!) first appeared on Zizkov television tower eight years ago. They became so popular that their creator David Cerny had to create permanent versions, which have been there since 2001.

Kampa park is going to host bronze versions, three of them, until 2009 spring, when it is to undergo reconstruction. The three bronze babies than move, where it is not clear yet.



  1. Baby 3 said, Sep 2, 10:41 PM #

    These babies are nothing more than state sponsored vandalism. The pure art is the tower its self and spoilt establishment art brats should be kept well way!

  2. Todd said, Sep 8, 02:27 PM #

    Well, if you lived in the Czech republic, you would know who Cerny is, and if you knew who Cerny is, you would know an anarchist of his standart struggles with the state from the very essence of his being. Truly, both the regimes always tried to keep him down, he is too clever to fall, that’s all.