Havel: EU should admit Russia was aggressor

The former president of the CR Vaclav Havel commented in the Sunday Tv debate Otazky Vaclava Moravce on the EU summit in France, which should discuss the Russian-Georgian conflict. He said: “When a bear attacks a dwarf, it should at least be known and said.”

Havel is a moral authority, which is not afraid to call things by their real names: “It seems that oil is more important than human rights and a state’s sovereignty.” in reaction on the question, if Europe is going to pass resolutions against Russia. According to Havel, Europe needs Russian energy supplies, and so they are not going to make any significant step for Georgia borders preservation.

The Czech government supports Georgia sovereignty and territorial integrity, and do not agree with the independence of the two Georgian regions. The Czech Government supports Georgia, politically and economically. They differ from Vaclav Klaus, who labelled Georgia as the aggressor.

Havel also mentioned analogy between Georgia and the 1938 Munich Agreement. Part of the regions of Czechoslovakia of that time was given to Hitler, because Europe was afraid to stand against him. We all know how it ended.