Tomas Bata Junior Died

In Toronto, Canada, Tomas Bata died at the age of 94. The world-known shoe businessman passed away at 13:40. His spokesman Lacko said that “He left in the middle of work, calmly and in peace, surrounded by his closest ones.”

The news of his dead stoke the whole region of Zlin, where Bata shoe empire started from. The principal of Zlin University of Tomas Bata Ignac Hoza said for Denik he is shaken, as this is a huge loss; “Until the last day he was full of life, I would never imagine he could pass already. I telephoned with him a week ago”

Tomas Bata’s funeral is going to be on 5th September in Toronto. In his life work he always advanced the basis of business ethics. He carried many high evaluations, e.g. the T.G. Masaryk Medal and Slovak Double Cross. He became a honorable doctor of many world universities. They brought up one son and three daughters with his wife Sonya.