Jessica Korda decided to Represent the USA

Just weeks ago, it seemed that Korda would finally become the dignified representative of Czech golf. Jessica proved as a really talented and having huge skill, as she ended 19th on the US open at the age of 15. The next year, she represents the USA. She said the main reasons are she spends most of the time there and feels like an American. “I come to the Czech Republic once a year for a few weeks, it seems logical to represent the USA. To get into American representation is harder and more demanding.” the ambitious golfist said for Golf Digest.

Her father Petr Korda, who used to represent the Czech Republic in tennis, promised his daughter will represent the CR until 15, than she will decide how to continue. He criticises Czech Golf association for not helping them in any way: “Jessica represented all the time, even when she didn’t get anything from the association. It is nice people say Jessica is ‘ours’, so why nobody put her into the best juniors?” The Czech Golf association took her for granted, which didn’t paid off. Also, Jessica probably feels better as an American in any way, but still she already got hearts of many fans here.

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