The new Leader of Czech Greens will be Who?

duel flag The Median agency initiated a pool to find out, who should be the new leader of the Greens. Nearly 1,100 people participated in the poll with the outcome: most of the public asked would like the present vice chairwoman Dana Kuchova to be the new leader of the Greens. But the important thing is those who voted for the Greens in Previous elections would like to keep the present chairman an Environment Minister Martin Bursik at the lead government.

The reason why the public wants the change may be, the Greens under Bursik got some serious responsibilities, like the post of the Education minister and the Foreign minister. To replace the leader would mean the Greens could lose what they achieved, and so those who are not in favour of the Green Party want them to.

The Green Party present the ‘middle wing’ political thinking. The former president Havel votes for them.