Congress of the Czech Greens started

Today, the special congress of the Greens, where they will vote for the new chairman, have started. Who are the sides? On one side Martin Bursik, who got the party to the parliament, and who shook hand with Dali Lama. On the other side there is Dana Kuchtova, the leader of South Bohemian Mothers, the person who unsuccessfully tried to be the education minister for a few months.

Who is going to be the next leader? Bursik have left nothing to chance, and gained one important advantage in advance; he travelled the Czech Republic and founded about 50 base groups of the Greens. Those 50 new groups have a chance to influence voting by sending their deputy to the elections.

In those cases, I like to look at betting offices and their betting rates. They are usually the easiest source, if you want to know the future. And they bet at Bursik.