'We will make it sweet for Europe' Video for Czech EU chairmanship

Under the slogan We will make it sweet for Europe was launched the Czech government information campaign related the Czech EU chairmanship. The personalities acting in the movie are well-known characters of Czech culture in he world. As Topolanek commented, there is also one new character introduced – a sugar cube, which is a Czech invention.

The video begins with Jaromir Jagr, aiming and than shooting an sugar cube to Petr Cech, who catches it and makes a face. Then the prima ballerina Daria Klimentova spins her cube a little. The scientist Antonin Holy makes a little experiment. The famous architect Eva Jiricna builds a structure from the cubes. The super-model Tereza Maxova can’t resist and eats one. The conductor Libor Pesek closes the spot.

About in the half of November, the government will introduce the logo. The CR chairmanship start in the first half of the next year.