Extortionate cause of ODS

The television TV Nova has revealed what was the scenario of the story; Vlastimil Tlusty is a politician known for his cause – about two years ago, there were reputedly some pictures of him with prostitutes, which has never got to the public, Tlusty defended himself it is all fake.

Now, Tlusty let himself to be pictured in jacuzzi with a girl, and trying to use them as a bait, trying, if anyone from the ODS will buy them in order to blackmail him afterwards, started to play his game. The inordinate plan aimed for the highest places in the parliament, so Tlusty could profit from their loss. They found one, not from a top chair, but still a known one – Jan Morava.

Even more striking was Jan Morava became known just a few days before for another blackmail case – he tried to blackmail Jana Zubova with pictures of her daughter just a few weeks ago. Now, when both of the cases came out, Topolanek demands resignation from both of them, Tlusty and Morava.


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