Czech Etymologists in India found Guilty

Two world-accredited etymologists were found guilty from illegal beetle collecting in a National India park. It is the result of the sentence from court in Darjeeling, India. The two Czech scientists are in danger of getting up to seven years in India prison, they will know the length on Wednesday. Now, they are going to fight for a pardon.

They are going to ask for a pardon on Wednesday, if they won’t succeed, their lawyer is going to appeal to higher instance.

51 y-o employee of the etymological institute of the Academy of Sciences Svacha and a year younger Kucera were detained on 22nd June close to the national park Singalila. The Czechs reputedly had over 200 beetles with them. When at a police station, they were given empty sheets of paper, which they signed. On those sheets later appeared the charges.


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