Czech parliament blackmail case – Morava out

For information about The Extortionate cause read here. Rebelling members of ODS Juraj Raninec and Jan Schwipel don’t believe Morava is the only person involved in the cause with compromising shots. Morava resigned on his post yesterday, but a part of ODS have revolted and want the head of the leader of the club, Petr Tluchor.

In ODS, the sharp debate have deepened. The rebelling part of the ODS see the main problem that the TV Nova film points to Tluchor advised Morava to take the contact on the sellers.

Doubtful is also the role of Vlastimil Tlusty. He described his role as the agent provocateur, but contrary is the case. The TV Nova documentary showed up that even when the idea came form the television, Tlusty actively took the opportunity and guided the reporters. He also offered he will record the Prime Minister.


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