The blackmail case in ODS continues

Vlastimil Tlusty lost his support in the ODS. The meeting the Civic Democratic party held yesterday was a collective support of the Prime minister. At the end, the party appealed to Tlusty to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty has been in politics for 14 years, during which he did things we can only imagine. But it would be naive to think the only guilty person was Morava, who has been there for two years so far, and who was at least decent enough to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty however blames other parliamentaries, probably in endeavour to hold his post as long as possible. There are two other deputies of the ODS – Dalik and Tluchor, whom he says were interested in the blackmail in the first place.

It seems that such as the Greens did, the ODS will have to loose members before the elections.