Luggage Weight Limits of CSA

Czech Airlines have changed the weight limit of luggage a traveller can take with him/her without extra charge. CSA wants the passengers to have lighter luggage by 3 kilos – from 23kg to 20 kg. The resolution will be valid from 26th October 2008.

The new limit does not relate to passengers in business class, owners of loyalty cards and flights to USA and Canada. The Czech Airlines expect the action will lead to reducing weight of transported luggage, and so to reducing fuel consumption. The reason is also most of the airlines have the limit set to 20 kg, and travelers had problems at consequential flights.

Payments for excess luggage differ according to destinations. For example the flight from Prague to Roma means every +kg 355 czk.



  1. Florin said, Sep 12, 11:07 AM #

    CSA sucks big time, i can’t imagine how they have the audacity to defy common sense by posting as a ‘special offer’ a return ticket to bucharest for ONLY 10370 Kc, that’s more than 400 euro for God’s sake!
    The bastards have monopol on the route so they take advantage of no competition from Prague. From Wien, SkyEurope is about 4-5 times cheaper!