Topolanek criticizes Klaus

Klaus’ strange opinions brought anther dispute towards his home party, the ODS. After the prime minister Topolanek disavowed Klaus’ defence of Russian invasion to Georgia, the new problem of ODS at Czech political scene labeled as a heritage of Klaus’ fault.

Klaus started by stating that the Morava – Tlusty blackmail case is a proof of emptying of the politics. Topolanek objected for Hospodarske noviny: “It is not true that present politics lacks themes and idea, that characterized times of ‘opposition treaty‘” which was in 1998 a product of heads of ODS and CSSD, Milos Zeman and Vaclav Klaus.

“At that time, uncontrollable connection of politics, big business and organized crime begun” Topolanek very strongly objected to Klaus’ politics.

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